Year 10 Music

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr C. Petch.

This course covers Music History, Ensemble Performance,Solo Performance, Music Literacy (Theory), Music Technology and Composition and provides a natural progression for students currently studying 9PMU or 9MUO. Students applying for this course will be encouraged to continue on to Year 11 Music or Year 11 Contemporary Music and are taught in classes at an appropriate level for their ability. It is not necessary to have studied Music in Year 9 to study Music in Year 10, however you must be learning an instrument or voice with an itinerant or private teacher.

Course content includes:

Ensemble Performance: Junior String Orchestra, Junior Concert Band, Junior Jazz Band, Junior Performance Choir, Junior Percussion Ensemble, Junior Rock Band and Junior Guitar Ensemble.

Written units covering a range of musical genres and history.

Theory skills: Teaching will be at a level appropriate to each class and will focus on progression through the Burnside High School Music Theory Course (there are 15 levels of achievement with level 15 being equivalent to NCEA Level 1)

Composition skills: Students will complete two compositions. This work will include the use of Music Technology (Bandlab, Sibelius)

Students in 10MUO also have access to Itinerant Music Tuition, with a large range of instruments on offer. Students not yet learning an instrument but wishing to study Music in Year 10 should see Mr Petch as soon as possible to arrange lessons beginning in term three of year 9.

This course is an appropriate choice for students who want to further their musical experience, who are committed musicians, and who are interested in studying Music at Year 11 and beyond.

Recommended Prior Learning

9MUO or 9PMU but this is not compulsory.

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

$10 course contribution
$5 for course booklets´╗┐