Year 10 Drama

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms K. Olliver.

Students who have an interest in being creative and imaginative, working in groups and learning new skills by being involved in practical activities should take this course. This is general drama course with a strong focus on group performance. It aims to build on and develop the basic skills covered by the Year 9 course. The written work is incorporated in each topic and supports each new skill as it is learned.

This course is designed to prepare students for NCEA Drama study in the senior school.

Topics included in Year 10 Drama are:

▪ Theatre Form ▪ Improvisation ▪ Text exploration ▪ Devising 

Students who are interested may also like to get involved in:

  • Shakespeare Festival ▪ Theatresports ▪ Junior Drama Club

Year 10 Drama leads on to NCEA drama in the senior school. It develops communication skills, builds self confidence, encourages leadership and creativity. Later there are a variety of university degrees, diplomas and specialist Performing Arts Schools that may be of interest to some students. Studying Drama develops skills which are widely sought after by employers.

This is a Year 10 optional course.

Course Overview

Term 1
At the start of the year students will spend this first three weeks getting back into performance. They will explore a series of character building and improvisation activities.

Term 2
Kids TV
Students will explore the features of Kids TV. They will learn how to construct a performance and aim to perform this to its target audience. This is an individual grade.

Term 3
Niu Sila
Students will study a New Zealand text and explore the themes and ideas. The play is Niu Sila and in groups the student will take a scene from the play and using the techniques of Drama will create a performance. This is an individual grade.

Term 4
Students will work in groups to devise a performance based on New Zealand's history. Students will be introduced to the technologies of theatre including lighting, sound and costume. This is a group grade.

Recommended Prior Learning

Completion of Year 9 Drama course an advantage.

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

There is an approximate cost of $10.00 for workshops/visiting artists.