Year 10 Health and Physical Education

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr S. Manners.

Health and Physical Education in Year 10 is aimed at Level 5 of the New Zealand Curriculum. There is a strong emphasis on developing practical and interpersonal skills. In Junior Physical Education classes the key concepts are developed in and through physical activity, whilst in Health the key concepts are taught and developed through engaging the students in relevant discussions and letting them question and understand their outlook on relevant health issues. 

Students will learn the importance of developing a balanced lifestyle, also investigating ways to improve both skills and fitness in a safe and productive way. Interpersonal and practical skills can become life long and provide excellent building blocks for future years, not only in Health and Physical Education, but in other areas of study and life. An outcome for students is that they are more confident in their own ability and have confidence in trying new activities and understand the link between physical activity and well being.

Recommended Prior Learning

This is a compulsory course for Year 10