Year 10 Social Studies

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr C. Green.

The Social Sciences are about people, society and how we interact with our environments.  The Year 10 Social Studies course will continue to develop ideas and understanding in a range of different contexts. It will involve learning more about New Zealand but also about the wider world.

The course in 2024 is divided into three topics or strands of about a term and a bit each:

Power to the People

A civics topic that explores NZ's and other countries systems of government and how power and control can be used sensibly, but also how it can be abused. 

The Day After Tomorrow

Examining ideas of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Technology through Time

Exploring technology and how it has shaped societies in the past, present and future. 

Through studying these topics students will develop research skills, develop their conceptual understandings, be able to understand a wide variety of information, learn more about the world around them, improve their ability to present an argument, focus on the impacts of decision making and understand values, viewpoints and perspectives. 

Each of these topics will be assessed and reported on during the year. Each unit of work will be assessed with a common assessment task. Teachers will also collect assessment information throughout the unit to help give feedback on where students strengths are and how they could improve their learning. 

In the senior school, many of students will choose to study at least one of the Social Science subjects. At Year 11, these are Travel and Tourism, Geography, Classics, History and Commerce. In Year 12 and 13 further options include Business Studies, Accounting, Economics, Tourism and Legal Studies.

This is a compulsory course in Year 10.

Recommended Prior Learning