Year 9 English

Course Description

Year 9 English is aimed at Level 4 of the New Zealand curriculum. The intention of the Burnside High School Junior English programme is to help students develop knowledge and enthusiasm for English language and literature in all its forms. We aim to promote independent readers and constructors of oral, written and visual texts. 

Students will study a range of written and visual texts. They will develop their understanding of literature, along with close reading skills. They will be expected to write in a range of styles. Developing an understanding of visual language, including film, is a component of the course. Oral communication is another important skill area focused on in the course.

The programme will cover the English curriculum and will include the following activities:

  • Writing skills – including both creative writing and formal writing
  • Reading skills – including comprehension and thinking critically about a variety of oral, written and visual texts (novels, short stories, poetry, drama, film)
  • Presenting skills - in a range of formats
  • Giving a speech in a public situation

This is a compulory course in Year 9.