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Year 10 Mathematics

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Year 9 Mathematics

This course continues the stands of the curriculum taught in Year 9 Mathematics.The bulk of the course is at level 5 of the New Zealand Curriculum. Topics that follow directly from Year 9 are Number, Algebra, Graphs, Measurement, Geometry, Probability and Statistics.
A new topic is Trigonometry. This is an important branch of Mathematics which continues to Year 13 and beyond.
Students will also meet quadratic equations, and their graphs, for the first time in Year 10.

A good grounding in Year 10 Mathematics is essential for success in NCEA Level 1, or Cambridge IGCSE, in Year 11.

A scientific calculator is essential in Year 10 Mathematics.This is a compulory course in Year 10.

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Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

A scientific calculator is a necessity for this course.