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NCEA Level 1 Commerce - Economics and Accounting

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr M. Terry.

Recommended Prior Learning

While 10 BEA will give students an initial advantage, others with a sound study record at Year 10 are welcome to take this course.

NCEA Level 1 Commerce Economics and Accounting course will give students a broad understanding of the Commerce disciplines Economics and Accounting within the context of organisations of Aotearoa New Zealand.

As an overarching approach, students will use and explore accounting models and economic concepts in a business context in order to make sense of society and solve problems. In this subject, ākonga gain knowledge, skills, and values they need to navigate, and participate in, and appreciate their place in the economic world. 

Students will use economic concepts and accounting principles to learn how participants in the economic world make decisions, and analyse how these decisions impact their income / wealth and the wider community. Students will consider the process of organisational financial decision making, explore decisions around price determination and the implication to stakeholders, evaluate the effect of external influences through interdependence within the economy, and analyse the impacts upon financial viability of the organisation.

NCEA Level 1 Commerce Economics & Accounting builds the foundation for further pathways specifically into Economics and Accounting, as well as developing the desired skills for Business Studies.

Accounting, as the language of business, provides a system of measuring transactions in business. The course covers accounting for individuals and households, community organisations and sole proprietors.

Economics analyses the decisions organsiation make in managing the resources they have at their disposal in an efficient way, raising productivity and enabling profit to be created.


The Economic Problem


Demand and Supply

Equilibrium and the Market

Government Intervention

Accounting and Financial Records

The Accounting Equation - Debits and Credits 

Statement of Financial Position

Income Statement

Accounting and Financial Records 2

Balance Day Adjustments

Cashflow Budgeting

Interpretation of Accounts

Economics 2

Circular Flow Model and Interdependence

Producer Decisions 

Price and Non Price Competition

Learning Areas:

Social Science


NCEA Level 2 Accounting, NCEA Level 2 Business Studies, NCEA Level 2 Economics

L1 Commerce is an introductory course to Business Studies, Accounting and Economics. This pathway will give students an insight into the working world and organisational behaviour whilst gaining futher key skills and concepts to allow for development into specialist fields. Careers pathways commonly lead to entrepreneurship, business, finance and management, and further related fields such as law, insurance, policy and government.

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Student will need Journal and Ledger refills, as well as their device.