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NCEA Level 1 Health Education

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs E. Davison.

Recommended Prior Learning

While there is no prior learning required for this course, if you are a student who is interested in developing a deeper understanding for real-life issues, investigating topics of concern within society and who wants to be more informed about how to make a difference then this course could be for you!

We offer a balance of conversational and interactive activities whilst being a literacy rich course that can develop your critical thinking, problem solving abilities and exposure to new perspectives, ideas and information.

This course is still in the phases of development for 2024 as a result of the NCEA change update. The course will offer students 15 credits with a mixture of internal and external assessment opportunities.

Health Education is based around these four Key Health Concepts which underpin all levels of the Health Curriculum, and are embedded within all of the topics that we cover in this Senior Health course.

Year 11 Health will investigate and explore a range of Health and Wellbeing Models, develop understanding of Decision making and how to apply these to health related situations. As well as this, students will gain knowledge of how we can be influenced by factors that affect our wellbeing and strategies that we can use and develop to overcome the corresponding issues on a personal, interpersonal and community level. 


Students who study this course will learn a variety of real life skills that can be transferred to many aspects of their lives outside of school. The interactive and discussion-based nature of the subject makes it an enjoyable learning environment for all students.

Learning Areas:

Health and Physical Education


NCEA Level 2 Health Education, NCEA Level 2 Physical Education, NCEA Level 2 Sports Leadership and Performance, NCEA Multi-Level Outdoor Pursuits

Health Promoter
Health Researcher
Health Policy Analyst
Health Navigator
Health Information Technology
Health Sector Roles (Psychology, Counselling, Wellbeing, Medical professions)

Career Pathways

Acupuncturist, Personal Trainer/Exercise Professional, Registered Nurse, Paramedic, Beauty Therapist, Midwife, Podiatrist, Dental Technician, Dentist, Dietitian, Early Childhood Teacher, Human Resources Adviser, Environmental Engineer, Environmental/Public Health Officer, Health and Safety Inspector, Health and Safety Adviser, Health Promoter, Health Services Manager, Health Care Assistant, Nanny/Child Carer, Youth Worker, Secondary School Teacher, Social Worker, Teacher Aide, Water/Wastewater Treatment Operator

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Workbooks $10.00.