NCEA Level 2 Health Education

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs E. Davison

Recommended Prior Learning

Completion of Level 1 Health Education is preferable, or 12 credits in any NCEA Level 1 subject. Approval by the HOF or the Teacher in Charge of the course.

During this year students will examine several aspects of Health and the effects these have on individuals and wider society.

This year’s course focuses on the health and wellness of everyday New Zealanders, with particular emphasis on societal trends and current issues of concern. Students will be required to work in a group for one unit to take action to enhance an aspect of wellbeing that needs improvement in the school or community. Individually, students will examine factors that influence peoples' ability to manage stressful times and changes, and why some people are able to cope more than others. Students will also focus on people their own age, and become an expert on current issues and trends in relation to health issues that affect young people such as gender and sexuality. And finally, students will focus on and learn about concepts such as power relationships and stereotypes and discrimination that exist in New Zealand and other countries, and how those relationships affect various people’s health and wellbeing.

NCEA Level 2

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NCEA Level 3 Health Education

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