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NCEA Level 2 Japanese

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Recommended Prior Learning

14 credits in Level 1 Japanese, or HOD approval

There is a continued emphasis at NCEA Level 2 on realistic communicative use of the Japanese language.

All four language skills of Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing developed in previous years will be extended; the scope of the work is much wider because students are more competent in the language.

Note: 2.3 Interact is optional.

In NCEA Level 2 Japanese, the emphasis moves away from describing one’s own lifestyle to studying Japanese language and culture in more detail. The “plain” form of language and many more grammatical structures used in everyday life and conversation are introduced. This enables students to understand ordinary conversational Japanese more easily and to express their own opinions.

The main topics covered are:

Leisure Activities

Family Life

School Life


Japan Trip


Students thinking of going into the business world or a government department could combine a language with economics, accounting, mathematics or computer and information science courses. Language training not only provides a cultural experience, but also helps to develop a literate person with an enquiring, adaptable mind.

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NCEA Level 3 Japanese

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