NCEA Level 2 Legal Studies

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs R. Keighley

Recommended Prior Learning

NCEA Level 1 Achieved. There is no prerequisite to study level 2  Legal studies. 

The course aims to give students knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the New Zealand legal system so they can operate as informed, confident and responsible citizens. During the year students will visit the courts , a prison (TBA), participate in a mock court and listen to speakers from the legal profession, police and community law service. 

The course is internally assessed through Unit Standards. The criteria the Unit Standards are assessed against are Excellence, Merit and Achieved which are able to be counted towards an endorsed Level 2 NCEA. There is no end of year examination.

Although there is no requirement to have completed Level 2 Legal Studies to study Level 3 Legal Studies this course provides an excellent background and preparation for Level 3 Legal Studies

Level 2 Legal Studies is also a valuable course for students who are interested in studying Law, Criminal Justice, pursuing a career in the Police Force or working for the Justice Department.

Course Overview

Term 1
27851 Evaluate systems of government and their formation.
The two systems of government we focus on are the MMP system and FPP system of government.
- The electoral process,
- The government formation process and the resulting parliamentary system.
27836 Explain concepts of democracy and government in a NZ context.
- Rule of Law,

Term 2
27836 Explain concepts of democracy and government in a NZ context.
- Rule of Law,
- Separation of power
- Liberal Democracy
27845 Explain litigation and dispute resolution processes
- Negotiation, mediation
- Arbitration and litigation.

Term 3
27842 Explain concepts of law in relation to Legal scenarios.
We focus on 4 different concepts of law
- Crime, Negligence
-Natural Justice and Contracts.
27839 Explain the concepts of Justice
We focus on
- Retributive Justice

Term 4
27839 Explain the concepts of Justice
We focus on
- Restorative Justice.
- Marae Justice.


Learning Areas:

Legal Studies


NCEA Level 3 Legal Studies

If you are interested in a career in law, the police or the justice system, then Legal Studies can help you gain an insight in to these potential careers.

Career Pathways

Police Officer, Barrister, Legal Executive, Solicitor, Corrections Officer, Judge, Customs Officer, Court Registry Officer

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Nil (apart from bus fares to and from courts)

Assessment Information The assessments are all internal and all of the assessments are open book.
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