NCEA Level 2 Performance Music

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Dr H. Renaud

Recommended Prior Learning

11MUO, 11MUC or HOD approval

The 12PMU course consists of a combination of NCEA Level 2 internally assessed standards that focus on the musical disciplines of: Solo Performance, Group Performance and Research. Students selecting this course are required to take weekly lessons on their instrument in addition to the classroom lessons. These lessons may be accessed through the school's Itinerant Music Teachers' scheme (free of charge) or with a private tutor outside of school (paid lessons). Please ask any of the Music Department staff for advice and help if you are unsure about your suitability for this course.

Perform two substantial pieces of music as a featured soloist

Two solo performances are examined during the year, one during term two and one during term four. Both performances require two contrasting pieces or one extended piece with contrasting sections at the highest technical standard the student is capable of, on their chosen instrument. There needs to be a minimum of three pieces and twelve minutes total across the year's work.

Perform a substantial piece of music as a featured soloist on a second instrument (optional)

Demonstrate ensemble skills by performing a substantial piece of music as a member of a group

Ideally, a group should comprise three-seven members. A soloist with accompaniment does-not fulfil the criteria for this Achievement Standard. Each performer must play a separate or uniquely identifiable part; the music having some significance and/or complexity in the repertoire for the genre.

Investigate an aspect of New Zealand music

Students are required to investigate an aspect of New Zealand music, and then make an oral presentation of their investigation to an invited audience.The presentation must be enhanced by visual aids (such as a computer-based presentation and video clips from Internet sharing sites) and performed musical examples. The presentation should be fifteen minutes long with a maximum of five minutes of musical examples.

NCEA Level 2

Course Overview

Term 1
Instrumentation and Group Performance

Term 2
NZ Research, Group Performance and Solo Performance

Term 3
NZ Research and Solo Performance

Term 4
Solo Performance and Second Instrument (Optional)

Learning Areas:

Creative Arts


NCEA Level 3 Contemporary Music, NCEA Level 3 Music

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