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NCEA Level 2 Tourism

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms D. Lee.

Recommended Prior Learning

Nil - an interest in the travel and tourism industry would be helpful.

“We have an opportunity to listen to communities and design the future of tourism in New Zealand so that it benefits our people and our home.” 

Stephen England-Hall,  Former Chief Executive, Tourism New Zealand.

Re-imagine how Tourism will operate in the post-Covid world and be an integral part of reconnecting people again in the future!  New Zealand will be an exemplar on rebuilding its tourism industry!  Future tourism careers will play a pivotal role in the "bounce back" of tourism in New Zealand and beyond.

Both domestically and internationally, the tourism industry is increasingly demanding confident, skilled people with a passion for providing great services and experiences to visitors from all over the world. The qualifications gained from this course provides students with specialist understanding of this diverse and exciting sector. 

Throughout the year students will be exposed to a range of career pathways in the Tourism and Travel industry. This includes meeting a number of guest speakers who currently work in the industry. There are also further opportunities for students to experience 'taster days' from some of the local Tourism and Travel providers such as The New Zealand School of Tourism (NZST), the International College of Tourism (ITC) and Ara. Examples of short courses include:

  • Walt Disney World Florida taster. (NZST)
  • Hotel Management taster. (NZST)
  • Adventure short course (Adrenaline Forest). (ITC)
  • Flight Attending short course. (ITC)
  • Tourism sales short course (International Antarctic Centre). (ITC)
  • Communication and Customer Service short course. (ITC)
  • Aviation short course (ITC)
  • Employment Skills short course (ITC)

Students gain an insight into work roles in five main sectors - Transportation, Accommodation, Sales, Attractions/Activities and Visitor Services. They develop knowledge of domestic and international tourist destinations, attractions/activities, major host countries/cities and generating tourist market/regions and tourism sustainability. Students learn about the business of tourism, how it works and why it is such a successful global industry. Other skills attained include; good communication, statistical analysis, making calculations, recognising people's needs, developing digital literacy, research skills, experience teamwork and develop leadership skills.

This course provides students with the basic introductory skills and knowledge required for entry to Level 3 - 4 studies at a range of tertiary providers. Alternatively, specialist industry knowledge attained also provides a solid foundation for University level study in this field.

The World is waiting. Make your career, travel!!

Learning Areas:

Social Science


NCEA Level 3 Tourism

Career Pathways

Aeroplane Pilot, Customs Officer, Hotel/Motel Manager, Travel Agent/Adviser, Outdoor Recreation Guide/Instructor, Flight Attendant, Waiter/Waitress, Retail Sales Assistant, Sales Representative, Chef, Customs Broker/Freight Forwarder, Human Resources Adviser, Ranger, Sales and Marketing Manager, Receptionist, Helicopter Pilot, Deckhand, Bus Driver, Ship's Master, Recreation Co-ordinator, Project Manager, Telemarketer, Bartender, Management Consultant, Data Analyst

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

In 2024 learning resources will cost approximately $60. In addition, there will be a cost of approximately $50 for a day visit to Hanmer Springs. There may also be further costs for additional local field trips and/or career 'taster' experiences.