NCEA Level 3 Classical Studies

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs G. Fernandez

Recommended Prior Learning

10 credits in any Year 12 course or by HOD approval.

Classical Studies is about the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. It is an exciting course that challenges students and their ways of thinking.

It focuses on:

  • Famous people who influenced our ideas & values and shaped the world we live in.
  • Myths about ancient Gods and heroes and how & why they still captivate and intrigue modern society.
  • Philosophical ideas and beliefs about the different natures of man and the ideal human qualities.
  • Artworks and buildings, and how they reflect the creativity and ingenuity of classical societies and form the basis for modern art and architecture.


Classical Studies is a suitable subject for students who enjoy variety in their learning. It is engaging and relevant for our students and the global world we live in.

It provides:

  • Cultural enrichment 
  • Understanding of the origins of western civilisation.

It also helps develop skills, including:

  • Literacy
  • Communication, organization and research
  • Critical and creative thinking

Classical Studies therefore enhances personal growth and teaches knowledge and skills that are applicable to a wide range of occupations.



With a focus on Aphrodite/Venus we investigate how classical art influenced the work of future generations.


How Alexander's intention to fuse the races (Greeks and Persians) brought about a mutiny and the death of some of his closest friends.


How Roman Emperors used art and architecture ( eg the Colosseum) to promote themselves and why these  buildings continue to inspire and influence modern practices in design and engineering.


This is about the amazing world of Emperor Augustus and his Rome AND about love and war, devotion and duty, destiny and personal development. 

"Classics is about building knowledge and developing critical thinking, not passing on information" Associate Professor of Classics, Canterbury University

2018 Classical Studies Educational tour to Greece and Italy - Rome - Colosseum

Learning Areas:

Social Science

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Costs: Possibly $20-40 for field trip.
Stationery: Ring-binder, refill and clear copysafe pockets.

Assessment Information INTERNAL ASSESSMENTS: 1) Demonstrate understanding of the lasting influences of the classical world on other cultures across time: Students will carry out research, analyse visual resources and write a report in which they discuss the influence of Greek and Roman artworks on Botticelli's birth of Venus. 2) Demonstrate understanding of Alexander the Great's policy of fusion: Students will use primary and secondary sources to research and write a report in which they draw conclusions about Alexander's policy of fusion. EXTERNAL Assessments: Students will have a 3 hour examination to write extended paragraphs on the two Achievement Standards studied during the year (Virgil's Aeneid and Art and Architecture). They will be provided with 4 questions on each Achievement Standard and will be asked to respond to ONE of these questions.
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