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NCEA Level 3 Legal Studies

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs R. Keighley.

Recommended Prior Learning

Overall Level 2 NCEA achieved. There is no prerequisite for this subject. You do not have had to take Level 2 Legal studies to do it in Level 3. 

The course aims to give students an in-depth knowledge, understanding and appreciation of New Zealand's Legal System so they can participate and contribute to society as informed and responsible citizens.

This course is valuable for students who wish to study Law or Criminal Justice  at the tertiary level or have a career which is linked to the Legal System. E.g the Police or Ministry of Justice. 

Students do not need to have studied Level 2 Legal Studies (although it is an advantage) in order to study Level 3 Legal Studies. During the year the students will visit the courts and the men's prison, participate in a mock court as well as hearing  visiting speakers involved within our justice system. 

The Unit Standards offered are assessed offering Achieved, Merit and Excellence grades which can be counted towards an endorsed Level 3 NCEA qualification.

Course Overview

Term 1
27852 Evaluate systems of Government and their formation.
We focus on
- Federal Government - USA
-Constitutional Monarchy- NZ ,
-Islamic republic - Iran
27849 Evaluate a specific significant Legal issue

Term 2
27849 continued
- Legislation passed under urgency
- Waitangi Tribunal settlements
27843 Evaluate a concept of Law in relation to a specific situation
- Mens Rea defence of provocation
- Privacy Law.

Term 3
27837 Evaluate a concept of democracy and government in relation to restraint on state power
- Copyright,
- Asylum seekers
- State owned assets sales
27840 Evaluate a concept of Justice in relation to a specific situation.
Name Suppression.

Term 4
27840 Evaluate a concept of Justice in relation to a specific situation.
-Name Suppression
- Prior convictions

Learning Areas:

Social Science

Assessment Information

The assessments are open book. There are no external exams.

Career Pathways

Police Officer, Barrister, Legal Executive, Solicitor, Judge, Customs Officer

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

There will be a small cost for the bus to the courts