NCEA Level 3 Contemporary Music

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr C. Hood

Recommended Prior Learning

At least two years of private instrument tutoring or four years of ITM instrument tutoring.

The 13PMU course consists of a combination of NCEA Level 3 internally and externally assessed standards that focus on the musical disciplines of: Solo Performance, Group Performance, Songwriting, Research and study of the context behind a chosen musical work. Students selecting this course are required to take weekly lessons on their instrument in addition to the classroom lessons. These lessons may be accessed through the school's Itinerant Music Teachers' scheme (free of charge) or with a private tutor outside of school (paid lessons). Please ask any of the Music Department staff for advice and help if you are unsure about your suitability for this course.

This course is open to all year 13 students. It can be taken in conjunction with other Level 3 Music Courses (except 13MUO). There are no entry requirements to enter into this course.

This course is made up of five separate standards which comply with NCEA guidelines; three compulsory standards and two additional standards of which students will complete one. The following NCEA standards will be offered in this course:

AS91416 - 3.1 - Solo Performance (Compulsory)

AS91418 - 3.3 - Group Performance (Compulsory)

AS91423 - 3.8 - Context (Compulsory)

AS91425 - 3.10 - Research (As advised with 3.11)

AS91849 - 3.11 - Songwriting (As advised with 3.10)

All students have the opportunity to gain 30 credits at level three with a focus on practical industry skills and experience.

NCEA Level 3

Learning Areas:

Creative Arts

Career Pathways