NCEA Level 3 Music Technology

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr C. Hood

The 13MUT course is aimed at students who would like to move into the field of Music Technology, Sound and Audio Engineering, Live sound, Sequencing and/or MIDI programming.

This course is open to all year 13 students. It can be taken in conjunction with other Level 3 Music Courses. There are no entry requirements to enter into this course although completion of 12MUT would be an advantage.

As this course is strongly based in practical / computer-based learning, you will need an appropriately sized memory stick each lesson. Software packages used includes Logic and Sibelius.

Students who are enrolled in this course may be having instrumental lessons, but this is not a compulsory part of the course. If you are interested in starting lessons, please talk to your teacher about an appropriate instrumental tutor.

The following NCEA standards will be offered in this course:

US28007 - Arts - Recording Music

AS91425 - 3.10 - Live Sound Systems and Setup

US23730 - Tech - Sequencing (Digital Music Composition)

All students have the opportunity to gain 20 credits at level three with a focus on practical industry skills and experience.

Students not enrolled in 13MUO or 13PMU may also be able to gain a further 8 credits for solo performance if they choose which allows for course endorsement.

AS91416 - 3.1 - Solo Performance

NCEA Level 3

Learning Areas:

Creative Arts

Career Pathways

Musician, Sound Technician