NCEA Level 3 Physics

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr J. Watson

Recommended Prior Learning

To succeed in Level 3 Physics requires a solid understanding of the concepts covered in Level 2 Physics. 

The minimum entry requirements are passing both externals in Level 2 Physics:

The Physics Department at Burnside High School aims to empower students with the ability to critically analyse a situation and approach a new situation with confidence, while gaining knowledge of the fundamental concepts and principles of Physics. Students are encouraged to use scientific methods to challenge current thinking.

Your teachers are keen to help you understand more about the Universe and value the study of Physics.
We aim to present an interesting course that will be relevant to those intending to study Physics at a tertiary institute, as well as students completing their Physics education at Level 3. 

You may also decide to sit the Scholarship paper. Your teacher will be able to advise you about this. 

Learning Areas:


Career Pathways

Mining Engineer, Aeronautical Engineer, Registered Nurse, Mechanical Engineering Technician, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Software Developer, Medical Physicist, Sound Technician, Electronics Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Biomedical Engineer, Biomedical Technician, Biotechnologist, Naval Architect, Fabrication Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Building and Construction Manager, Surveyor, Physician, Surgeon, Science Technician, Civil Engineer, Civil Engineering Technician/Draughtsperson, Telecommunications Engineer, Telecommunications Technician, Dentist, Medical Imaging Technologist, Diagnostic Radiologist, General Practitioner, Environmental Scientist, Electrical Engineering Technician, Information Technology Architect, Environmental Engineer, Marine Engineer, Medical Laboratory Technician, Radiation Therapist, Radiation Oncologist, Secondary School Teacher, Test Analyst, Network Administrator

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

A workbook with a cost of approximately $30.


Burnside High School may change any costs, courses or standards offered without notice.