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Year 9 Social Studies

Course Description

Social Studies is about how societies work and how people can participate in them. In Year 9 you will learn about people, places, cultures, histories and the economic world both in and beyond New Zealand.

The course that you will study in 2024 is divided into four topics or strands: 

Ko wai tatou (Who we are) - Exploring the different cultures in our school, community and in New Zealand. Looking at our history to see what makes us kiwis?

Equal/Unequal World - Exploring our rights, responsibilities and reasons why we have inequality in our communities, NZ and the World and what can be done to close the gap!

Wonders of the World – Exploring the worlds amazing man-made and natural wonders!

Staying Alive - Exploring past, future and current challenges and crises that NZ and the world faces or has faced.

Project Based Learning/Social Action - students will undertake a research project by using inquiry skills and working collaboratively to address a human rights issue/problem that may occur locally, nationally or around the world.

Through studying all of these topics you will develop your understanding of the world around you and how to participate in society as an informed and active citizen. You will develop inquiry skills, be able to understand and use a wide variety of information and data, and improve your ability to present an argument.  You will explore the past, present and future so you can solve problems that are important to you.

Learning Areas:

Social Science


Year 10 Social Studies