Service Station Attendant Kaihoko Penehini/Hinu

Service station attendants help customers get petrol, gas or oil for their vehicle, and sell motoring accessories and food items.

Service station attendants may do some or all of the following:

  • take payment for petrol, food and other goods
  • check petrol tank levels 
  • pump petrol into customers' cars
  • check car batteries, and oil and water levels
  • wash windscreens and check car tyres
  • carry out minor workshop tasks such as fixing tyres
  • keep the shop and forecourt clean and tidy
  • order new stock.

Physical Requirements

Service station attendants need to be reasonably fit as they spend long periods on their feet.

Useful Experience

Useful experience for service station attendants includes:

  • customer service work
  • money-handling experience
  • repairing vehicles
  • retail work.

Personal Qualities

Service station attendants need to be:

  • good at communicating
  • friendly and helpful
  • good at customer service
  • honest and reliable
  • able to follow instructions
  • good at basic maths.


Service station attendants need to have knowledge of:

  • service station products such as petrol, oil and other goods
  • cash handling and customer services
  • food handling and cleaning
  • safety rules and first aid
  • basic mechanical skills.


Service station attendants:

  • work full or part-time hours, and may do shift work including nights and weekends
  • work in service station shops and forecourts
  • work in all weather conditions, and can be exposed to petrol fumes.

Subject Recommendations

A minimum of three years of secondary education is recommended. Useful subjects include English and maths.

Service Station Attendants can earn around $23 per hour.

Pay for service station attendants varies depending on responsibility, experience and location.

Service station attendants usually earn minimum wage.

Source: Student Job Search, 2017.

With further training, service station attendants may progress to become service station managers.


Years Of Training

There are no specific entry requirements to become a service station attendant, as you gain skills on the job.

A driver's licence is usually required.

Service Station Attendant