Taxi Driver/Chauffeur Kaitaraiwa Waka Pāhihi

Taxi drivers/chauffeurs drive vehicles to transport passengers from one place to another.

Taxi drivers need to obtain and display a current driver identification card issued by the New Zealand Transport Agency.

Taxi drivers/chauffeurs may do some or all of the following:

  • drive a taxi, limousine or luxury vehicle
  • collect passengers and safely drive them to where they want to go
  • collect fares and give change
  • look after passengers' luggage
  • keep records of rides and fares
  • maintain their vehicle and keep it clean and tidy.

Physical Requirements

Taxi drivers/chauffeurs need to have good hearing, reflexes and eyesight (with or without corrective lenses), so that they can drive safely in busy areas.

Useful Experience

Useful experience for taxi drivers/chauffeurs includes:

  • customer service work
  • any work involving driving.

Personal Qualities

Taxi drivers/chauffeurs need to be:

  • punctual
  • able to communicate in English
  • honest, friendly and polite
  • responsible
  • alert and patient
  • reasonably good at maths to calculate change.


Taxi drivers/chauffeurs need to have:

  • excellent driving skills
  • knowledge of the Road Code and relevant transport regulations
  • good map reading skills, and knowledge of local places, street names and the fastest routes to take
  • a First Aid Certificate
  • an understanding of basic car maintenance, so they can care for their vehicle.

Taxi drivers who are owner-drivers need to have business skills.


Taxi drivers/chauffeurs:

  • may work regular hours or work shifts including nights and weekends. By law they can only work 13 hours and then must have at least a 10-hour break
  • spend most of their time in their vehicle.

Taxi Driver/Chauffeurs can earn around $23-$25 per hour.

Pay for taxi drivers/chauffeurs varies depending on where they work, the time of day they work, and how many hours they work.

Taxi drivers/chauffeurs usually earn between minimum wage and $25 an hour.

Source: New Zealand Taxi Federation, 2018.

Taxi drivers/chauffeurs may progress to buying their own vehicle and working as an owner-operator, or may start their own taxi business.

Years Of Training

To become a taxi driver/chauffeur you need to:

  • hold a Class 1 (full) driver licence with a Passenger (P) endorsement, which includes police clearance
  • be employed by either the holder of a passenger service licence (PSL) or hold your own PSL
  • pass a medical exam every five years (or more often if you have a medical condition that may affect your driving).

Some chauffeurs may need to pass security checks.

The Vulnerable Children Act 2014 means that if you have certain serious convictions, you can’t be employed in a role where you are responsible for, or work alone with, children. 

Taxi Driver/Chauffeur