Year 9 Food Technology

Course Description

Food Technology is a subject that will enable students to:

  • Investigate a food-related issue and formulate designs that address this utilising the technological design process
  • Learn to use a range of food production equipment
  • Apply the knowledge and skills they have learnt to manufacture a food product they designed
  • Develop safe working practices in a kitchen environment

Why this subject? 

Food Technology allows students to learn about technology from the context of food. The course includes safe food handling and food preparation skills. The nutritional function of food is also explored. Students will undertake technological practice to design and produce food products and will make decisions based on creative and critical thinking.

This course leads to courses in Food Technology at Year 10, and Food Technology, Food and Nutrition and Hospitality courses in the senior school.

Future career opportunities include all aspects of the food technology, food sciences, restaurant and hospitality industries.



Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

$35.00 covers ingredients and other provisions which the school provides, including the student workbooks.
Students are also required to contribute perishable ingredients for the weekly practical lessons.