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NCEA Level 1 Food Technology and Innovation with Hospitality

Course Description Recommended Prior Learning

Nil. This course is open to Year 11 students. 

This is a practically orientated course that combines the practical aspects of cookery with Food Innovation and Technology such as methods of master chef cookery, food processing, and food product design. The course integrates Level 1 Food Technology Achievement Standards with 16 credits being achievable, which is highly supportive of achieving NCEA subject endorsement at Merit or Excellence.

The course will enable students to gain insight into the food industry and also equip students with practical skills in a commercial kitchen environment which can be applied in a variety of future study or employment situations. Students will cook twice per week.

Topics Include

- Food product development with authentic contexts

- Understanding the importance of transforming and manipulating ingredients

- Sweet goods concept design

- Ingredient and technique testing

- Food safety

Students will have two to three practical cookery lessons per week.

NB See also: Food and Nutrition for another food-based course option

NCEA Level 1

Learning Areas:


Assessment Information

Portfolio work created throughout the year will contribute to the External Assessment.


NCEA Level 2 Food Technology and Innovation with Hospitality, NCEA Level 2 Hospitality: Food and Beverage

Career Pathways

Baker, Chef, Food Technologist

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

$63 to cover pantry staples/ingredients that the students use.
Students are expected to bring perishable food items twice a week.