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NCEA Level 2 Hospitality Food Studies

Course Description Recommended Prior Learning

Year 11 Food Technology or Food and Nutrition are helpful but not required.

Hospitality Food Studies


This course utilises Service IQ Cookery Level 2 Unit Standards. The course is designed to give you an insight into aspects of working in a commercial kitchen and food product design. It will provide an introduction to the skills and knowledge required for someone considering a career in the Hospitality and/or Food Technology industry. Students will usually cook three times per week in the commercial kitchen.

The Year 12 Hospitality: Food Studies programme is assessed against four Unit Standards which total 8 credits. All work is internally assessed through written tests and practical tasks. Unit Standards have only one level of competency – standards are either Achieved or Not Achieved. 

Work throughout the year will be internally assessed through tests and practical tasks. There is no external assessment for this course.    

The course will be semesterised and co-exist with 12PCE (Practical Computing). This will mean that you will complete the cookery assessments in one semester and then swap to complete practical computing in the next semester (or vice versa). You will gain the benefits of both of these subjects throughout the year.

NOTE: For 2024 - This will be running as a Full Year Course

Additional credits will be offered for;

Fruits and Vegetables



Applying Safe Work Practices

Total additional: 10 credits

Course Overview

Semester A
Course introduction

Recap on Food Safety aspects.

Unit Standard 13281 Basic Sandwiches
During this unit, you will gain a basic understanding of how to prepare various classifications of basic sandwiches.

Unit Standard 13271 Frying
During this unit, you will learn to shallow and deep fry a range of vegetable and protein food items for service.

Unit Standard 13278 - Roasting
During this unit, you will gain a basic understanding of how to prepare suitable foods for various classifications of roasting.

Unit Standard 13272 - Poaching
During this unit, you will learn to poach a variety of foods including fish, eggs and fruit.

Semester B
Swap to 12PCE (Practical Computing)

Learning Areas:


Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Course Materials Contribution $79 for pantry staples/basic ingredients.
Students will be expected to provide perishable items each week.
Workbook Contribution $48.