NCEA Level 3 Music Conducting

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Dr H. Renaud

Recommended Prior Learning

Achievement in 12MUO or 12MUC or 12PMU plus HOD approval

The 13CON course is aimed at students who would like to develop their skills in leadership and Conducting in Music. Approval from the HOD Music is required and students will need to have completed level 2 Music before being considered. It is expected that students taking 13CON will also be taking 13MUO although this can be negotiated on an individual basis. 

Students will be taught to conduct music to a rudimentary standard. This will involve preparing pieces for music conducting, performing rudimentary music conducting gestures, and conducting three music pieces of contrasting speed, style, and dynamics.

Students will also be able to make a significant contribution to a music performance ensemble in terms of its musical preparation, organisation, and live performance.

There are three Achievement Standards in the Year 13 Conducting course:

Achievement Standard AS91417 (Making Music 3.2) - Internal

Level: 3, Credits: 4

Perform a programme of music as a featured soloist on a second instrument

This achievement standard involves performing a programme of music as a conductor of an ensemble.


Achievement Standard AS 91423 (Music Studies 3.8) – External

Level: 3, Credits: 4

Examine the influence of context on a substantial music work

This achievement standard involves examining the influence of context on a substantial music work from the student’s conducting repertoire.


Achievement Standard AS 91425 (Music Studies 3.10) – Internal

Level: 3, Credits: 6

Research a music topic         

This achievement standard involves researching a music topic based on the student’s conducting goals and ensemble.


Course Overview

Term 1
Research (portfolio), Conducting skills

Term 2
Research (portfolio), Conducting skills

Term 3
Research (portfolio), Second Instrument (Conducting),

Term 4
Context (external)

Learning Areas:

Creative Arts

Career Pathways


Contributions and Equipment/Stationery