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NCEA Level 3 Design and Visual Communication

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr C. Burr.

Recommended Prior Learning

Open entry, however a Level 2 Technology subject is advantageous.

Design and Visual Communication

Level 3 Design and Visual Communication (DVC) provides a range of study options that align with Architectural, Product Design and Engineering related tertiary study and professions, as well as emerging Creative Industries. 

At Level 3 students most students specialize and complete either Product Design or Architectural/Spatial Design specific Achievement Standards, but can do two smaller projects that combine both if they wish. Students will also select from a range of complementary Achievement Standards that align with their interests and likely future tertiary and vocational goals (between 16 and 20 credits). 

Students are required to explore and refine design ideas through writing, freehand sketching, design notation, instrumental drawing, 3D printing, laser cutting and a range of CAD software. In addition to offering DVC based Achievement Standards the course is able to offer some of the more popular Engineering and Technology Standards that are relevant to individual DVC projects and can enhance student learning.

This course also offers a UE literacy standard.

Scholarship is also offered to students.

Learning Areas:


Career Pathways

Aeronautical Engineer, Mechanical Engineering Technician, Architect, Architectural Technician, Naval Architect, Fabrication Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Building and Construction Manager, Surveyor, Urban/Regional Planner, Civil Engineer, Civil Engineering Technician/Draughtsperson, Interior Designer, Industrial Designer, Electrical Engineering Technician, Engineering Machinist, Environmental Engineer, Landscape Architect, Landscaper, Project Manager

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Personal stationery costs could be up to $40 for drawing instruments and media accessories, depending on the student's own requirements. There is also a set charge of $20 for items such as art paper, card, tracing papers and model making materials that the student uses.